Tarot/ Feiyu Max 6/ LY685

This hexacopter really caught our eyes when it launched and when Hobbyking did their fiasco of “free shipping” by adding shipping charges then followed by an apology. It’s too little too late, treating their loyal customers as not very bright people.

We forgo the Quanum 680UC…for now.

The plan was a heavy lift that can lift at least a A7/ A7R/ A7S for high resolution still images on a full frame camera.


Building it was somewhat enjoyable!


Instead of installing the black motor mount arms like what Tarot/ Feiyu shows on their website, we have the black arms installed as the front 2 arms for easy line of sight flying.

m2 m1



<soldering pads pic>

The whole hexacopter is designed with the power distribution board in mind (PDB). The soldering points for the ESC are places nicely at where the arms bend. ESC are supposed to be installed on the bottom of the motors and running the ESC’s power (black and red) wires through the carbon fiber arms to the bottom plate. It’ll leave the bottom PDB with a kind of mess…for now.

<motor wires pic>

We decided not to do that as our Quanum 4010 580kv already has nice long wires. We will have the ESC installed in the frame itself and run the motors’ 3 wires each, through the arms.


Instead of a full set of retractable landing gear, we hunted for only servos.