Our fleet continues with the Sparky.

The stuffs about Sparky is all over the place. As with many opensource flight controllers. Downloads, explanations or wikis don’t get updated or they do somewhere hidden deep in some forums.

Left the CircuDrone frame aside first and swop the KK2 from the existing RCX GF223.

Anyway, here’s what we gathered.



Problem with D4R II using PPM to Sparky like this guy…so we thought then noticed the picture he posted, his white cable from the transmitter to his Sparky is going to port “RX” while black cable is going to “0” while red cable is going to VCC. The 3.3V should not be tapped.


The white cable this way is tapping a 5V port. From there, it was smooth sailing.


Sparky allows us to “calibrate” the ESC by setting up within the Ground Control Station (GCS). This was useful as we burnt an ESC and was using a substitute 20A ones, compare to 3 x 10A till stock arrives.

Fully changed to a 4 pin plastic.

6 Sept – Updated. 10A ESC Arrived and when others tell you to leave the props off, they mean it. We left it on to just calibrate it, didnt notice the arm switch was on and the throttle was not zeroed. After calibration, the whole fram took off from the desk. hahahaa no one was hurt but it made some minor cuts on the monitor.

Before Autotune