Commentary – Sony Airpeak

Sony is a company to be reckoned with. They can be the new market force someone is looking for to break the monopoly DJI has. Sony show off their Air Peak drone during CES 2021. It looks like an “enterprise” class one and we really hope to not brush it aside as simply oh no one will buy if the price is 10k and up. Need a Sony camera and how it fits into any current workflow or eco system?

If Sony is half hearted thinking like Gopro did with their Karma, yes they named it Karma back then. “We are already making great cameras”. Really small and light ones too mind you, back when GoPro tried their hands on drones. They even allowed you to take off the gimbal from the drone and use the whole gimbal as a handheld gimbal when not flying. Then slap your existing Sony cameras onto a drone and call it a day? We’ll be seeing Sony burning off millions then end their drone division. Just another tiny drop that didn’t cause much ripple in the giant sea.

If someone had just sat down in their board room, thinking that is the strategy. It won’t cause event a dent into DJI’s market share. They’ve got everything covered, consumer drones, prosumer and the professional market, agriculture, thermal, LIDAR inspection…and it won’t be long before they may easily start meddling with markets Sony is actually doing well. The consumer camera market perhaps. DJI are making cameras anyway. They are making gimbals with the likes of Osmo. “Partnering” Hasselblad no less. DJI has a board seat on Hasselblad.

Sony does have a track record of being daring. They had the AIBO, memory stick, minidisc… they failed but it did move innovation forward with these. They took a step back and relooked at the whole mirrorless, fullframe camera and see how they are leading the market now with established brands playing catch up now.

We hope to see more competition for sure. It drives prices down and force companies to innovate.

A camera bag for your multicoptor


Hope more camera bags manufacturers get in the game. Was looking for a top loading one where the whole top like our Lowepro Computrekker and visited a few sites and saw the Think Tank has a kit made for their Airport Accelerator series of bags to allow a Phantom to fit nicely. We don’t like hard cases and camera bags will be great.

Hope to be able to fit out A7 kit with camera, spare batteries, our 55mm f/1.8, A7 fitted with a 35mm f/2.8, F20M flash and spare AAA batteries and our foldable quads and it’ll be golden! We love our Boreas but something that we can open up and fit things will be nice. Something that’ll fit the Alien 560 when folded with spare props, retractable landing gear, a transmitter radio AND our pano gear, the Bushman Panoramic pano head and tripod.

Sounds like too big a bag?