Public Annoucement – SJ4000 from Banggood is screw up


If you got this SKU120425. DO NOT UPDATE the firmware. If you did, download from this guy from this reply and remember to post a thank you.

You’ll get a black screen when turned on and the camera can’t be used. A whole discussion on how screw up the version of these cameras are, are here. I read V1 is newer than V2 somewhere. Where in this Universe is V2 newer than a V1 in anything? Only SJCam.

That’s like WTF! We don’t expect GoPro standard but not firmware screws up. How hard can that be?! Only they know and they seem to know that it’s real hard to be able to screw this up.

It’s either screw ups at SJCam sending old stock to retailers or retailer having keep the stock for so long, now running promotion and getting these cameras out and flooding the market with old cameras. SJCam should and MUST do a recall and stop these cameras from being circulated. Please. That’s the common sense thing to do.

Rant: GoPro 4 can’t do interval video record but a $100 camera can


We’ve long wanted this and the SJ4000 can do a 5 min video without intervention and keep recording 5 mins video till you need to land and press the stop video. The closest thing the GoPro can do is “Looping” however, if you do not land and press the stop button and start another recording, the camera will start overwriting the first 5 mins that you have recorded. We did not land as there might be something nice and we’re still flying around!

Solution? You record non stop on a GoPro….then you have a super large file to process. Dumb.

We think the new M10 and the upcoming SJ5000 can do what the SJ4000 can too. Comments?

GoPro manuals here.