The 2020 Guide Drone Flying in Singapore

Updated: Oct 2020

The Recreational Flyer

By Feb 2021, you must have obtained a UABT (Unmanned Aircraft Basic Training) cert in order to operate a drone in Singapore if you’re operating a drone that is 1.5 – 7kg. It cost $30 and can be taken at authorised training organisations. As of writing, there are 2 such organisations here. If you’re flying the DJI Mavic 1, 2 Pro, Air, DJI Spark. You just need to have the CAAS stickers, stay below 200 feet, out of 5km of any aerodomes, you do not need a UABT to fly.

The Commercial Flyer

You will need to have a UAPL Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License. In order to get that, you will have to have attended an optional training with an approved training organisation, pay $125 for the theory test, completed a practical test then apply for the UAPL at $500 and has perpetual lifetime. Commercial flyers would have been informed a year in advanced, this is just for info.

The Tourist

You are on short term visit to Singapore, for holiday. If your drone is below 1.5kg, you do not need UABT. See above under recreational flyer.

Drone Registration

After you have hold any of the above, your drone must have been registered with CAAS. The stickers cost $15 each and must be displayed on the drone. Register here.

Fine City

So what if you do not have the above? What are the penalties?

Users who fail to comply with the UA Basic Training requirements could face a fine of up to $50,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years, or both for a first offence and up to $100,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years, or both for a second or subsequent offence. In addition, users who fail to produce a valid UA Basic Training certificate, UA Pilot Licence (UAPL), activity or operator permit during the verification checks by CAAS enforcement officers could face a fine up to $20,000 for a first offence, and a fine of up to $40,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 15 months, or both for a second or subsequent offence.

It is what it is

As of writing, Aug 2020, this is what is being done and what will be done come Feb 2021. There are comments on how this is killing flying in Singapore, how it will stifles innovation or even STEM, education on drones. I think we have to see it from a safety point of view. There has been multiple cases of errant flyers. It was slowly coming to a point where the authorities have to step in. The comparison can be done with the Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) that was recently banned in Singapore. No e-scooters, hoverboards and electric skateboards etc on footpaths.

Do we want this hobby to be completed banned? There are 6000+ drones being registered with CAAS as of writing, do we want to be kept to a specific field, Singapore being already so small, how crowded will this field be?

No Fly Aerodome Singapore


No flying of our multicopters within 5km of aerodomes. Here, plotted are airports in Singapore and surrounding island (yes, there’s one)

If you stay in the East part of Singapore and you follow the law to the word, you actually can’t fly from within Amk Ave 3 to tampines road to eunos link, bedok reservoir to loyang Ave and the whole of Pasir Ris town.

This does not include the restricted areas yet like army camps, army training areas which is pretty much the whole of North-West Singapore, bridges, over people and danger zone as stipulated in the Bill introduced in #Parliament.

Let’s go Malaysia….

Larger view –

Or wanna plot your own? Go here. We can’t believe such a simple function (draw 5 km around a point) is not available on the official Google Maps.

SG Drone Laws – April 2015


Number One should be common sense but then that can’t be put into law…

and so…

With the amendments, the enhanced regulatory framework will:

  • Prohibit the carriage of dangerous materials by unmanned aircraft, such as weapons, and any bio-chemical or radioactive material
  • Prohibit the discharge of any substance from unmanned aircraft without a permit
  • Require operators to obtain a permit to fly or operate an unmanned aircraft that weighs more than 7kg in total weight
  • Provide for the gazetting of security-sensitive locations as “protected areas,” where overflying by unmanned aircraft or taking of photographs from unmanned aircraft are prohibited without a permit
  • Prohibit the overflight of unmanned aircraft over “special event areas” declared for the venues of major events without a permit (for example, certain venues of the Southeast Asian Games 2015)
  • Require operators to obtain a permit to fly or operate an unmanned aircraft within 5km of an aerodrome regardless of height, or above 200 feet beyond 5km of an aerodrome, or within a restricted or danger area

Commonwealth Drive

The place where only recently, a uncle got charge for chopping another uncle cos he hears his “voices” in his head. It’s also the place that is being closed down and is a great place to do some urban shots of these flats. People have generally moved out but mind the cars owners who are enjoying some free parking there. Once people figure out what we were doing, some curious joggers came by to say hello.

No flying at F1 Singapore

SINGAPORE – There will be restrictions on the flying of unmanned aircraft when the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix rolls into town later this week, the civil aviation regulator said on Tuesday.

This is to ensure they do not get in the way of low-level helicopter flights conducting aerial filming during the race.

The restrictions will cover a significant area around the race site including Queenstown, Telok Blangah, Toa Payoh, Kallang, Orchard, Marine Parade and Aljunied.

The islands of Sentosa and Brani will also be off-limits, said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.
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Singapore NDP 2014 – Drone/ UAV videos

Whatever you call it. Here’s the videos from a few hours ago’s parade. Singapore just celebrated it’s 49th National Day.

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We’re really just pushing the authorities to legislate our hobby…it’s a matter of not how but when. We wouldn’t want something to fall out of the skies or colliding with real planes/ helis at some major events like this and killing somebody or somebodies.

We hope to see more of such cool videos but want everyone to be safe but worry too on the other hand, at any major events in the future, the skies lit up with dozen or more drones all shooting videos/ photos taking over photographers with tripods and their DSLR?

Happy Birthday Singapore. Legislate but we hope the law will make sense.

Fly safe.

Pearl Bank Apartment



As the tallest and densest residential building in Singapore when completed in 1976, Pearl Bank Apartments was one of Singapore’s pioneers of high-rise, high-density living, and influenced urban development in Singapore and other cities in southeast Asia.[

Law by Law


Within 5km of an airport or airbase
Higher than 200 feet above mean sea level outside 5km of an airport or airbase