Build: Night Hawk 250 Pro


The Best Hobby Mall’s Night Hawk 250 was our first venture into 250mm class quads. It had a nice introduction price of $39.99 USD with free shipping and it’s really non nonsense free shipping. We got it shipped to Singapore.

Part List

Best Hobby Mall Night Hawk 250 Pro
My RC Mart 1806 2300kv
My RC Mart RCX 12A Sky SimonK
5030 2 blade propellors (CW / CCW)
5030 tri blade propellers (CW / CCW) < Don’t bother with these, they break too easily
6030 2 blade propellers (CW / CCW)
6030 2 blade carbon fiber propellers
Turnigy 3S 1300 / 2200 lipo
LED from Goodluckbuy

Rebuild 2 – 9 Dec 2014

Rebuild it and flown it with a Hobbyking Naze 32 (This is the soldered horizontal pins version. There is a vertical pin version and a no pins version). Great fun as well. Picked up a pack of spare accessories that consists of all the bolt, nuts and blue rubber thingy as well.

The ESCs didn’t like being cramped together and we learn the hard way. It just never flew properly. After one ESC discarded and all moved to the arms later, we were flying again.

DSC08588 DSC08586 DSC08585 DSC08583 DSC08581 DSC08580 DSC08578 DSC08567 DSC08565 DSC08564

Rebuild 1 – 15 Sept 2014

It never flew properly on a KK2.1.5, gave up and anxious to fly it, swop to a DJI Naza M Lite with GPS. yes, a little crazy with the GPS and all but it flew great!

DSC06353 DSC06357 DSC06362 DSC06371 DSC06379 DSC06382 DSC06386 DSC06392 G0012077 G0032208

8 Sept 2014


DSC05905 DSC05906 DSC06151 DSC06152 DSC06153 DSC06155 DSC06158 DSC06159 DSC06160






7 April 2015 – Naze32

After. #hobbyking #afroflight #naze32 #acro #abusemark #funfly hahaha long product name.

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The Nighthawk 250 has another change and it’s to Naze32 this time. We picked up the Naze32 from Hobbyking. Bluetooth What you must buy, repeat MUST, when you get the Naze32 is the Bluetooth module and while at it, pick up a buzzer too, we reuse the one from our KK2 board. Once flying stable on default PID, all you need to do is change the rate for roll, pitch and yaw. Here’s ours, change from 0 to 0.50 then finally to 0.8 and you’ll be flipping with great fun without loose altitude. Screenshot_2015-04-14-21-46-25 Android Apps

The above is EZ Gui Ground Station. Pay for it, trust us. It’s great. The first one we tried was the Naze32/ MultiWII Configurator but it can’t read (as of 15 Apr) AUX 2 that we setup for Autotune.


RCX GF223 Build

This is one fun build by The Mrs. She took her time and meticuliously tidied up the cables. The difference between men building a quad in the team and women building it.

DSC06138 DSC06139 DSC06140


Men in the team are untidy and get it to fly first then worry about the looks of it. Women seems want to build it tidy from the get-go hahah

– MyRCMart RCX GF223 4-Axis Quadcopter (Barebone Frame) – 8.99 (myrcmart)
– Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA $29.99 (hobbyking),
– FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver (w/telemetry) $20.09 (hobbyking),
– RCX 1306-2 2300KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor from $8.99 per motor (myrcmart),
– 10A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller (SS Series / SimonK Firmware) 6.99 each (myrcmart),
– 5×3″ (3-Rotor) EPP5030 Counter Rotating Propellers $1.49 per 3 propellors: – PDU Multicopter Power Distribution Board (1-8 Connection / Blue) – $0.69
– Mobius Wide Angle B Lens ActionCam a 1080p HD Video Camera Set With Live Video Out (hobbyking)– $72.99

8.99 + 29.99 + 20.09 + (8.99×4) + (6.99×4) + (1.49×2) + 0.69 + 72.99=

8.99 + 29.99 + 20.09 + 35.96 + 27.96 + 2.98 + 0.69 + 72.99 = 200.46

Price does not include transmitter. We are using an old WFLY WFT09 from our old Adruino project for this quad. All prices in USD.

PID Settings now:

1 2

We are running Turnigy 3S 2200.

Cheaper alternative to the nut that was surely to go missing…

5mm nut. SGD$2 for 10.

nuyt3 nut1 nut2