2 Launches soon, 3DR and DJI



DJI Phantom 3 is imminent and looks like indoor flight that’s uses sonar on the Inspire 1 will be on the new Phantom 3, the DJI even is tonight, 8 April 2015, Singapore time 11.30pm. 3D Robotics (3DR) is launching something new too on 13 April 2015.


A camera bag for your multicoptor



Hope more camera bags manufacturers get in the game. Was looking for a top loading one where the whole top like our Lowepro Computrekker and visited a few sites and saw the Think Tank has a kit made for their Airport Accelerator series of bags to allow a Phantom to fit nicely. We don’t like hard cases and camera bags will be great.

Hope to be able to fit out A7 kit with camera, spare batteries, our 55mm f/1.8, A7 fitted with a 35mm f/2.8, F20M flash and spare AAA batteries and our foldable quads and it’ll be golden! We love our Boreas but something that we can open up and fit things will be nice. Something that’ll fit the Alien 560 when folded with spare props, retractable landing gear, a transmitter radio AND our pano gear, the Bushman Panoramic pano head and tripod.

Sounds like too big a bag?



Doubtful it’s a police drone. A group of sports fan took down a drone that looks like a DJI Phantom2

1. Dumb if it’s LAPD and has no markings

2. Pilot of drone not looking at whatever that is happening? You are under attack and you keep hovering around. Dumb. Dumber.

Read about it.




DJI Phantom to F550 Build

20 April 2014

At last, we’ve officially outgrown the Phantom. Built a F330, went looking for a F450, no stock and got a F550 instead.

Plotting over the Phantom’s Naza M V2 only requires getting the LED module and PMU. We’ve already replaced the GPS and Compass all in one module since a few crashes ago. The LED is USD $15.80 and PMU is around USD $66.50 on Ebay.

Thus, from Phantom to Naza M V2, GPS/Compass was USD $159.00 adding the LED and PMU = USD $241.30

It’s roughly the same as getting the boxed unit of the Naza M V2 which is around USD $300.00

After building the F330, the F550 will be familiar. There are already a lot of build videos on YouTube so we’ll only be posting pics.

DSC03196 DSC03194 DSC03195 DSC03203 DSC03198 DSC03199 DSC03200 DSC03201 DSC03239 DSC03242 DSC03312 DSC03286 DSC03291 DSC03292 DSC03294 DSC03297 DSC03301 DSC03302


As we waited for the LED module, we had no way to configure the NazaMv2 for the F550 but we tried sticking it into the Naza M Lite we used for the F330 build and it works just as well.

Landing Gear

We plotted over the landing gear for a foldable quad that we got as spare.

WFLY with DJI Phantom


Actually got it to work….follow this


FrSky D8R II Plus > Naza
Channel 1 > A
Channel 2 > E
Channel 3 > T
Channel 4 > M
Channel 5 > U
Channel 6 > X1
Channel 7 > X2

Note with this setup, E has to be reverse. Or you wont be able to start the motors and control will be reverse.