How a crash looks like in Flytrex


Flytrex is a great, cheap and lightweight tool to help, to a certain extend see what may have gone wrong. It doesn’t however include input from your transmitter.

An example below from a crash, speed and altitude has a sudden drop within 2 secs. It’s regardless there is no other logging as the crash was caused by a broken propeller mid flight after reviewing the onboard video footage.


Comparing, a normal flight does not have erratic lines or a sudden fall in speed and altitude.


Simple analyzing of these cannot really help in determining if it was pilot input error but does help somewhat.

Build: ImmersionRC Xugong8


We like the Xugong 10 so much, we bought the 8 shortly after and it’s as awesome. Waiting for the Xugong Pro v2 to launch and making one more purchase. The Xugong seem is all we need to pack, go and fly. It’s small and the Xugong8 is even more impressive.


Purchased the “crash kit” and extra rubber balls and the red ones that’s suppose to be harder.DSC08998

Same eggshell type tray in the box.DSC08999 DSC09000 DSC09001 DSC09002

ESC power cables shorten.DSC09003 DSC09004

Size compared as seen on our Instagram account previously.DSC09005 DSC09006  DSC09008

Going with a DJI Naza M Lite v2 first, would like to have the Naza M V2 from the Aliencopter soon after we tear that down.DSC09009 DSC09011 DSC09012 DSC09013 DSC09014 DSC09015  DSC09017

Compared folded…DSC09019

…and ready to fly  DSC09021

Gotta change that blue GPS folding mount to a red one!DSC09022

We really like the size but the space within the Xugong8 is like the Xugong10, it’s oddly hard to balance the whole quad. We always like the Naza to sit right in the center with proper Center of Gravity (CG) with front and back balanced. To achieve that, the lipo has to be mounted below the whole quad meaning the Xugong has to be modded to be taller. We hope to keep it at this size.

First Flight

We’ll be able to move the electronics like the LED module, PMU and Frsky D4R II receiver into the current lipo compartment too if we move the lipo to the bottom.

You can add a gimbal to the front to add weight to it and try to balance it. We flew it with Emax 2213 935kv motors, 8 inch propellers, a gopro3 black in the underwater housing and it lasted about 10.5 mins on a Turnigy 3S 20-30C 2650mah lipo.

Conclude, you can’t find a better travel quad as of Jan 2015. The arms folding mechanism is simply well thought through and is genius! It unpacks, unfold the arms in seconds and ready to fly. No screws and nuts to fiddle with or to tighten before you can fly like the Aliencopter 430mm we have! It makes it a pain when we tried flying the Aliencopter at St John’s Island/ Kusu Island we simply stop disassembling it and hung it outside the bag. It’s sure to raise questions and unwanted attention at certain areas to fly.

The 8 inch version of the Xugong is really small for it’s class, when folded (and we’ve looked at what is available and tried just about all of them backwards folding, fold inwards etc etc) and we see ourselves travelling with it overseas even.


Our Xugong 10 build
Xugong Pro V2 build
Discussion –
We bought at –

Build: Whitesheep

May 2015 – JiyiUAV P2

The Whitesheep was revamped and used for the P2 article. JiyiUAV was very kind to send us a review unit. Article here, here and here (Flitetest).


Nope, you didn’t see the name wrong. It’s the WhiteSheep.

DSC05696 DSC05697 DSC05699 DSC05700 DSC05701 DSC05703 DSC05704 DSC05705 DSC05706 DSC05707 DSC05708 DSC05710 DSC05711

Very soon, we found the contacts were not that great or could be the bad soldering skills. We swop over to the Hobbyking PDB.

DSC05715 DSC05716 DSC05717 DSC05718 DSC05719 DSC05720

After some successful flights, added the carbon fiber tube to lift the Tarot gimbal.

DSC05732 DSC05734

Then the conversion to multistar 2814 motors for even heavier lifting.

DSC05738 DSC06125 DSC06133

Added some LEDs


Build: F450

After good success with the F330, we moved on to the F450 and our first attempt at the KK2 (specifically the KK2.1.5) with all parts that were 2 years old and never powered up from the abandoned Arduino. The motors, esc were all reused.

It flew but not great.

DSC05680 DSC05681  DSC05683 DSC05684 DSC05685 DSC05722 DSC05723 DSC05724 DSC05725 DSC05726 DSC05727  DSC05677 DSC05678 DSC05679

F330 with bigger frame

Was looking at loading more things on the DJI F330 when we were rebuilding the F330 for the 3rd time recently and came across this thread by Theone420. We contacted our local, Singapore workshop and yes, they can do it.

and so, here’s “The Flying Flea”.

We chose to make it in 0.5mm thick ply wood and for fun, an acrylic one.


Weighing it, 74.2grams


As stated in that thread, the DXF comes with 0.9mm screw holes and comes as a guide. You can choose what size you need. We went with the original 2.5mm but the original screws of M2.5 x 6 won’t be long enough. We went with M2.5 x 8.


Draft assembly with the F330 arms.


Weighing it again. 172.8grams with arms.


Size compare with the DJI F330.


The acrylic one.


With lotsa space to mount the ESC within the frame.


Used the DJI Naza M V2 with GPS on this.


Size compare with the DJI F330.


It flew great.

– Gains if you wanna know. 110, 110, 100, 100, 129 and 120.
– Flying Flea with F330 arms x 4
– 4 x 30A DJI Opto
– 4 x DJI 2212 920kv motors
– myrcmart 1 to 8 Power Distribution board
– FrSky D8R-XP
– Turnigy 3S 2650 mah
– Boscam 600mw Transmitter
– Gopro 3

3rd party hardware?!


Not too good DJI support. It flies great when it’s working but you’re seriously in trouble if you can’t figure out what’s wrong on your own. What non 3rd party hardware can I use to test if I were to have gotten only the Naza M V2?! Buy some DJI receiver and transmitter just to do testing?

That’ll be stupid.

23 May


Im so happy with my Phantom FC40, i got a Naza M V2 but it doesn’t seem to power up. There is powering going to it via a PMU v2. When i connect a receiver to it, there is power and I can bind with no problem but the LED module do not light up. No status, no light at all. I connected the LED module to a seperate Naza M Lite i have, it does light up.Connecting the X3 cable from the MLite and LED cable from MLite to LED port to the NazaMV2 do not show anything either. What could be wrong?

Wat i am using:

Naza M V2 (s/n provided)

PMU V2 (s/n provided)

LED Module (s/n provided)

FrSky D8R-XP


Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 20-30C Lipo




10 June 2014

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Hello 360,

Thank you for your email.

Are system indicates that you’re currently asking questions about 3rd party hardware. Please note that we do not offer support or setup instructions for 3rd party hardware due to liability issues. We regret the inconvenience however, due to the high cost of our crafts we cannot assist you this request and will have to recommend using Google, searching forums, or asking fellow hobbyist/pilots.


DJI Technology Management Team.


When it comes to problem, it seems, you’re seriously most of the time better off asking Google, forums like RCGroups or disassembling it and hope you see something loose then trial and error or even just put your hands together and praying than contacting them.

Our Naza M V2 in the end, simply had some loose connection within the FC. Knocking it on it’s side made the LED module worked again.

Cheap GPS Chip

Broken GPS chip is common, placing it has a cheaper alternative! We ordered 3 for less than USD $50.00 INCLUDING Shipping. yeah, it’s only USD $6.64 each.




See the above GPS cracked?

Here’s it close:


Desoudered it, use the replacement gotten from Digikey and off we went flying again. No need to shell out USD$95 to USD $100 for the M Lite GPS Module or around USD $170.00 for a GPS module for the Naza M V2.

By a few especially if you have the Naza M Lite too. The chip is the same.


Direct link to buy

Same same but different?

The Naza M Lite and Naza M V2 GPS/ Compass unit uses the same GPS chip.

DSC03343 DSC03342

Note 1575R-A is ANTENNA GPS PATCH 1575MHZ. It cracks often from crashes so we ordered a few pieces together from Digikey. It’s hell cheaper than getting the whole unit that’s about USD$160.00 on ebay.

Part number: GP.1575.25.2.A.02

Direct link: