FPV Smart Modes?

Is it imaginable where everyone can, with a tap of a few buttons and settings?

All argument of it being not real FPV flying aside, just not too long ago, soldering, selecting the right ESC to go with the right RPM motors were part and parcel of building a drone. DJI has disrupted the whole market making it easier and objectively safer than ever to fly a drone.

It has been easier to get the shots you want automatically. During commercial shoot, we have encountered Directors who do not care how you get the shots, they just envision the shots in their head and want us to “do it”. Smart modes were used sparsely but at times, it is one of the easiest to get repeated shots without having to pull our hair out.

Smart modes are easy to use one tap, set and go modes that are predefined flight paths and/ or gimbal movement(s) like the following:

Vision sensors already exists on a few drones. It can easily be used to measure the facade of the building distance to the drone, making sure the distance is enough for say…a vertical dive.

Or a power loop.

It can and will happen, waiting for innovations like these soon.