To fold or not to fold

Have built and flown the F550 once for like 5 mins after tearing apart the Phantom FC40. Then in the mist, ordered a F450 and built a F330 then a Alien 560 from Hobbyking.

Then decided, it’s hard to travel with the F550 and won’t be much of a difference with the F450… even in tiny Singapore. It’s going to be like the 5DMK3 or the Sony A7 choice all over again. It’s heavy and seldom lugged the 5DMK3 around. Now with the A7, I’ve started taking A LOT more pics. Even non panos ones! It’s easy to carry around and takes a second to whip out for a snap. So, sold the F550…

Was building the Reptile with some guide here and still had a hard time. It’s cheap thus can’t complain.. . Yes, there was a lot of other foldable ones but you it’s hard to beat this ATG’s Reptile price at USD$88.00 on Ebay. Some other places could be cheaper but we gave up. It’s just too cumbersome and time wasted building than actually flying…

Alien, Reptile, Predator type foldables:

XuGong 8 (USD $199) or 10 inch (USD $209)


(Pics from here)

HK Predator (USD $98.70)

HK Alien 560 (USD $73)

AD1 (USD$520)

LS480 usd150, to confuse you that it’s actually a 450mm folding quad.

Smaller class:
Hoverthings – 260, they also have the 360
Nemesis – 240, red background is killing my eyes…
QAV 250
Micro Spider – wood
Pocket Drone on Kickstarter

ok you get the idea. They are basically the same design, copied here and there.

There’s other foldables that folds longish like the Tarots. Not really a fan of those for now.

Design has been limited and folding generally comes in 6 forms.

1. All arms back – Most China branded Alien/ Butterfly typed quad, easy to see as they love watermarking their pictures with their brands.




2. 2 arms front, 2 arms back – Like the Tarot


3. Circular fold – like the Iris Aerial

fnf open and closed

4. All arms down – like the DJI S1000


5. 4 arms inwards – Hobbyking Alien 560 or Predator 650 or most H Quad.



6. Arms fold – The folding arms that are on the XuGong are quite a new idea.

We want portability, able to mount a gimbal when we need and take about 1kg to 1.8kg of camera gear/ excluding the weight of the multicoptor and everything on it.

Totally wont fold are usual the DJI Flamewheel F330, F450, F550 and their clones like the Tarot FY450.

All quad should be made foldable if you ask us! Even 330mm to 480mm. Heck, even the 200 to 250mm should! no MUST!

We recently completed out Alien 560 from Hobbyking Build. It fits in a haversack but it’s still big. You just can’t find something you like unless you customise it.

We look forward to more innovative designs in folding quadcoptors/ hexa or anything with more or less propellors.