Build: F450

After good success with the F330, we moved on to the F450 and our first attempt at the KK2 (specifically the KK2.1.5) with all parts that were 2 years old and never powered up from the abandoned Arduino. The motors, esc were all reused.

It flew but not great.

DSC05680 DSC05681  DSC05683 DSC05684 DSC05685 DSC05722 DSC05723 DSC05724 DSC05725 DSC05726 DSC05727  DSC05677 DSC05678 DSC05679

Everything tricoptor out of stock

While waiting for the F450 and the Hobbyking Alien to arrived, fixed up the good old F330, added FPV, swopped over to a Turnigy 9XR, tried out FPV, had a bad shock when mounted the Ricoh Theta to it when it almost crashed from around 10 meters in the air.

Then went hunting for a tricoptor build.

David should be starting his sale of the frames again soon this week. So hope either his stock or stock at Flite Test get replenished soon. His articles like this (KK setup)and this (Tricoptor 2.5) are great.

The Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit too is out of stock everywhere.

So that’s left with the Hobbyking’s Turnigy Talan Tricoptor. The “TTT”?!

We’ll hold the purchase for a while for now. We love options. There’s isn’t much as of now or convert the F450 that’ll be coming to a Tri. Kinda defeat the purpose of not having the arms in view of the camera that’s suppose to be one of the main advantage of us flying a tri in the first place but if it’s lying around, we’ll slap our KK2 board on it and see how it goes.