Easy Peasy

We think the wires got many people intimidated to take up flying multicoptors but here’s all to it.

Battery (Lipo) > ESC > Flight Controller > Motors/ Receiver

Yes, it’s that simple.

ESC are Electronic Speed Controllers. It usually have one end that requires power with red and black cable.and one end with a cable that goes to the Flight Controller (FC) and depending it’s motor 1 or 2 or 3/4 you are connecting, goes to the respective port. When there are 4 motors, you will have 4 x ESC. With all 4 ESC requiring power, this is where the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) comes in. It simply takes power from one battery and sends them to all 4 ESC at once.

Flight Controllers are the likes of MultiWII, Naza, APM etc etc. Sort of the CPU of the whole multicoptor.

Motors are well, what holds the propellers.

Receiver is what you will be transmitting to with a radio/ transmitter like those from Futaba, Turnigy and the likes.

So there. A 5 mins read. Now you know, go read more and start building and flying.