Same same but different?

The Naza M Lite and Naza M V2 GPS/ Compass unit uses the same GPS chip.

DSC03343 DSC03342

Note 1575R-A is ANTENNA GPS PATCH 1575MHZ. It cracks often from crashes so we ordered a few pieces together from Digikey. It’s hell cheaper than getting the whole unit that’s about USD$160.00 on ebay.

Part number: GP.1575.25.2.A.02

Direct link:

eBay Shopping for your Phantom


Long gone was the reputation of shady merchants roaming ebay for a quick buck. I’ve communicated with many that are honest business through purchases of many parts for the multicoptor. If you’re searching for stuffs for your phantom, you are bound to see these few merchants.

Here’s the run down:

Gadgetextreme – Bought 2 pieces of Tarot T2D. Noticed difference in the plates and was informed that it was V1 and V2. V2 is not carbon fiber any more and offered to refund. Kept both pieces and send a thank you note. Also gotten the 5.8Ghz receiver and Naza GPS/ Compass combo from them. Delivery smooth and reletively fast, about 10 working days.

Goodlucksell – Bought spare FC40 camera that never came. Refunded fully but offered to have tracking number to check with our dear friends at Singapore Post….anyway, refunded before they reply as of writing. Delivery smooth and reletively fast, about 10 working days.

Gadgetinfinite – Tried to buy 2 x ESC, one green and one red but decided to cancel. Hassle free and refunded promptly. As I decided to buy locally as I want to have it urgently. Price difference was neglectable..

Hobbyking69 – Bought all the EMAX 2212 motors from them. Cheap, smooth delivery.

Singapore Hobby – Having a shop front allows us to get what we want, when we want it but at times, cost is well, slightly higher but can’t beat the speed of getting it there and then. Chatting with them on experience is also a really good sell/ buy point with recommendations. They are not around just to make money, they will advice and always with a smile.

Law by Law


Within 5km of an airport or airbase
Higher than 200 feet above mean sea level outside 5km of an airport or airbase

WFLY with DJI Phantom


Actually got it to work….follow this


FrSky D8R II Plus > Naza
Channel 1 > A
Channel 2 > E
Channel 3 > T
Channel 4 > M
Channel 5 > U
Channel 6 > X1
Channel 7 > X2

Note with this setup, E has to be reverse. Or you wont be able to start the motors and control will be reverse.

Moon What?


moon gel and it works! Google this plus Multicoptor or that Phantom, it’s a popular use of these gels originally made for drums.

Get it from Singapore Drum Shop at Excelsior

SGD$10 for 6 pieces in a nice plastic round container.