Use your hands


Today, when you say building something, it usually do not involve much materials like wood, acrylic or aluminum. Neither does it involve tools like drills or soldering irons. It usually involves only coding, on a computer. A website, a software, an app, as many would say and why not. Looking at what the world’s millionaires and billionaires made their fortune. They coded. Made Facebook and the likes, sold it and became crazy rich.

The joys of sawing and filing, drilling and milling, welding and hammering, were for a while lost in us. Until multicoptors came into out lives again.

It was awesome.

People gathered in forums, website and blogs about their built. Mixing and matching the electronics with plain old hands-on. Twisting metals, joining electronics and having lots of fun. Far from our live of pneumatics and hydraulics back in the day. One of us even though he’ll do pneumatics when he graduated.

Everything tricoptor out of stock

While waiting for the F450 and the Hobbyking Alien to arrived, fixed up the good old F330, added FPV, swopped over to a Turnigy 9XR, tried out FPV, had a bad shock when mounted the Ricoh Theta to it when it almost crashed from around 10 meters in the air.

Then went hunting for a tricoptor build.

David should be starting his sale of the frames again soon this week. So hope either his stock or stock at Flite Test get replenished soon. His articles like this (KK setup)and this (Tricoptor 2.5) are great.

The Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit too is out of stock everywhere.

So that’s left with the Hobbyking’s Turnigy Talan Tricoptor. The “TTT”?!

We’ll hold the purchase for a while for now. We love options. There’s isn’t much as of now or convert the F450 that’ll be coming to a Tri. Kinda defeat the purpose of not having the arms in view of the camera that’s suppose to be one of the main advantage of us flying a tri in the first place but if it’s lying around, we’ll slap our KK2 board on it and see how it goes.