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Today, when you say building something, it usually do not involve much materials like wood, acrylic or aluminum. Neither does it involve tools like drills or soldering irons. It usually involves only coding, on a computer. A website, a software, an app, as many would say and why not. Looking at what the world’s millionaires and billionaires made their fortune. They coded. Made Facebook and the likes, sold it and became crazy rich.

The joys of sawing and filing, drilling and milling, welding and hammering, were for a while lost in us. Until multicoptors came into out lives again.

It was awesome.

People gathered in forums, website and blogs about their built. Mixing and matching the electronics with plain old hands-on. Twisting metals, joining electronics and having lots of fun. Far from our live of pneumatics and hydraulics back in the day. One of us even though he’ll do pneumatics when he graduated.



Doubtful it’s a police drone. A group of sports fan took down a drone that looks like a DJI Phantom2

1. Dumb if it’s LAPD and has no markings

2. Pilot of drone not looking at whatever that is happening? You are under attack and you keep hovering around. Dumb. Dumber.

Read about it.




All aerial/ up stuffs will be here from now on and migrated from ITCOW 360 where panoramas stuffs are posted. It seems to get cluttered and for all those subscribed there via RSS or bookmark, you may not be interested in the up! stuffs. So to spare a thought for these readers,

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Within 5km of an airport or airbase
Higher than 200 feet above mean sea level outside 5km of an airport or airbase