Build: 650X6


It’s been a while since we built a hexacopter. We’ve chosen the Hobbyking 650X6 for it’s affordable price. This will be more for use to lift heavier loads with redundancies.


When folded this hex is 9250mm with 10 inch prop from center motor to opposite center motor.

680mm motor center to motor center and width 340mm when folded.

When opened and ready to fly, it’s 680mm than the named 650mm X6.


Above: No love for the 650X6, not even a box. It comes in plastic bags. You pay for what you get. It’s only USD $29…


One page instruction.


Tubes are 15mm x 15mm

DSC00511 DSC00512

Above: Design of the motor mounts. Cumbersome and hard to install thus we only installed only 2 of them…it lead to bad choices. See flight video at the end.

DSC00513 DSC00514 DSC00515 DSC00516 DSC00517 DSC00519 DSC00521 DSC00522 DSC00523 DSC00524 DSC00525

Motors fitted, Emax 2213 with 10 inch prop. Going to run 4S on this.

DSC00526 DSC00527 DSC00528 DSC00529

Above: Note the mounting of the horizontal bars under the hex for these are about 71mm center to center of hole on the rubber.

DSC00530 DSC00537 DSC00538

Above: Messy cabling, get it flying first. Tidy up later.

DSC00539 DSC00540 DSC00541 DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544 DSC00545 DSC00546 DSC00547 DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00550 DSC00551 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00554


– Hobbyking 650X6
– Emax 2213 motors
– Gemfan 10 inch propellers
– 4S 5200mha Multistar
– DJI Naza M V2 with GPS, miniOSD
– Frsky D4R II


Nothing broken but one motor came off during flight. We did hear some wierd sound thus the really low flying and came close to take a look…then flew out and the motor came off. Time to install more of those cumbersome nylon poles.

Use your hands


Today, when you say building something, it usually do not involve much materials like wood, acrylic or aluminum. Neither does it involve tools like drills or soldering irons. It usually involves only coding, on a computer. A website, a software, an app, as many would say and why not. Looking at what the world’s millionaires and billionaires made their fortune. They coded. Made Facebook and the likes, sold it and became crazy rich.

The joys of sawing and filing, drilling and milling, welding and hammering, were for a while lost in us. Until multicoptors came into out lives again.

It was awesome.

People gathered in forums, website and blogs about their built. Mixing and matching the electronics with plain old hands-on. Twisting metals, joining electronics and having lots of fun. Far from our live of pneumatics and hydraulics back in the day. One of us even though he’ll do pneumatics when he graduated.

DJI Phantom to F550 Build

20 April 2014

At last, we’ve officially outgrown the Phantom. Built a F330, went looking for a F450, no stock and got a F550 instead.

Plotting over the Phantom’s Naza M V2 only requires getting the LED module and PMU. We’ve already replaced the GPS and Compass all in one module since a few crashes ago. The LED is USD $15.80 and PMU is around USD $66.50 on Ebay.

Thus, from Phantom to Naza M V2, GPS/Compass was USD $159.00 adding the LED and PMU = USD $241.30

It’s roughly the same as getting the boxed unit of the Naza M V2 which is around USD $300.00

After building the F330, the F550 will be familiar. There are already a lot of build videos on YouTube so we’ll only be posting pics.

DSC03196 DSC03194 DSC03195 DSC03203 DSC03198 DSC03199 DSC03200 DSC03201 DSC03239 DSC03242 DSC03312 DSC03286 DSC03291 DSC03292 DSC03294 DSC03297 DSC03301 DSC03302


As we waited for the LED module, we had no way to configure the NazaMv2 for the F550 but we tried sticking it into the Naza M Lite we used for the F330 build and it works just as well.

Landing Gear

We plotted over the landing gear for a foldable quad that we got as spare.