1. Arduino

Gave up halfway and took a hiatus of 2 years in 2012 till 2014…

2. DJI Phantom FC40

We learned a ton with this. Crashes, soldering, crash again, disassembled it, reassembled it and in the end, Junk it.

3. DJI F330

Immediately, we moved to to the F330 after the Phantom. With new found confidence and knowledge, this has been one of the most stable build we have till now – June 2014.

4. DJI F550

Loved this built and the awesome 6 motors/ propellors that’s really bad ass. Sold it in the end as it was just too big to bring out.

5. Hobbyking Alien 560

Work in progress. Sept 2014, rebuild completed with Tarot parts.

6. DJI F450

Our first attempt with a KK2.1.5 and reusing of the 2 year old Arduino parts.

7. Flite Test Batbone Tricoptor

Work in progress.

8. Hobbyking H4 H Coptor

APM 2.6 with GPS

9*. Whitesheep

Story of 2 sheeps.

10. My RC Mart GF223

A taste of the dragon – Taulabs, Peabody124’s Sparky V1.

11. My RC Mart CF263

HK Pilot Micro – Work in progress.

12*. NightHawk 250

13. ATG 12mm Alien Folding

14. Dragon Circuits Circudrone

Work in progress.

15. Hobbyking Aliencopter 430mm

16*. ImmersionRC Xugong 10 (v1)

17*. ImmersionRC Xugong 8 (v1)

18. ImmersionRC Xugong V2 Pro

Reborn 28 Oct 2015

19*. Atas Defiance

Work in progress.

20. Hobbyking Talon Tricopter

Work in progress.

21. ATG 16mm Alien Folding

Work in progress.

22. Hobbyking Trifecta

Work in progress.

23. Scarab 360mm folding quadcopter

24. Hobbyking 650X6 Hexacopter

Work in progress.

25. Hobbyking 650F (560mm)

26. Tarot Max 6 (LY 685mm)

26. HMF U580

Work in progress.

* – denotes permanent fleet