Update: Oct 2020 on drone flying laws in Singapore

EDIT: They changed the name slightly again on 22 Oct 2020, it is now UABTC and not UABT any more but we can’t be bothered to edit the whole post.

There has been some small but important updates.

By Feb 2021, all existing commercial drone operators in Singapore must have the new UAPL – unmanned aerial pilot license. This is a add on to the existing UOP permit. You must still maintain your UOP. yeah, nothing is stopping them to come out with anything new in 2021, 2022 or whatever with UAPL 2.0 and creating something from thin air to add on to the UOP that will make you pay more ON TOP of the UOP you would have already been holding.

Recreational flyers who stick to the law of not flying above 200 feet, has a drone that is less than 1.5kg and do not fly 5km near any aerodomes are ok. Flying the Mavic air, mavic mini, Phantom 3, Phantom 4 are all ok. You just need to register your drone and have a CAAS sticker affixed.

Recreational flyers who fly bigger drones like the Inspire 1/ 2 will need to take the UABT. unmanned aerial basic test.

If you are flying anything above 7kg like the DJI M600 you must have the new UAPL and depending on your activity, you may require the Class 1 or Class 2 activity permit as well.