CRC Flyday Pre-Workshop

Hi Pilots!

Thank you for signing up for the CRC Fly Day at Marina South Pier. Here’s a short list of what to expect and prep.

COVID-19 Response (updated 23 Apr 2022)

1. Temperature taking of trainer(s)/ staff before leaving the house. Back up operator/ trainer will be called in to take over if he or she is found to have a fever. He or she must seek medical attention if found to have a fever. Trainers are tested every 3 days when working with ART (Antigen Rapid Test) and must have negative result(s).

2. Wearing of mask is optional for workshop on and after 26 April 2022. (See information here).

3. Drone and remote to be thoroughly wiped down after workshop completion.

4. Hand sanitiser and masks is freely available throughout the workshop. Please request for it if you require them.

5. We encourage you to try out different drones but please let us know when you are changing to another drone as we must wipe down the remote before the change over take place. Wipe down is done with 70% alcohol wipes.

6. Please see the Singapore Government response and updates to the COVID-19 here.

What to bring

    • iPhone/ iPad with “DJI Go 4, for drone since P4” app (not the Dji Go app) for Android | iOS if you wish to use your own phone or tablet. We strongly encourage you to use iOS equipment. We do provide iPhone and iPad but with your own device, you can chose to post the scaled down footage immediately to your favourite social media platform like Instagram and Facebook.
        • Please download the DJI Go App 4 before Fly Day as it’s over 100Mb. It will not download via 4G.
      • After downloading and installing the DJI Go 4 app, you must register and login to the app. Please do so before the day you’ll be meeting us.
  • Your own microSD card (the same size you use for your phones) if you want to save the footage for your own use later on Facebook, Instagram etc. Yes, we encourage sharing!


  • About 1.5 hour


  • Marina South Pier


  • Be in comfortable clothes. Wear what you would wear to fly a kite. Bermudas and covered shoes.


    • Take the MRT to Marina South Pier MRT station
    • Take exit A towards Marina Bay Cruise Centre, go up the escalator and turn right. We’ll be at the field next to the exit.
  • Driving, park at Marina South Pier carpark.

Meet here

Rain Plan

    • For safety reasons, we will postpone the workshop if it rains.
    • We will contact you at least 2 hours before the event if we are cancelling the workshop due to rain.
  • You can contact Wee @ +6594238623 or Camera Rental Centre @ +6596504158 anytime on queries or email [email protected]

Useful Information

    • There are 2 shops in Marina South Pier that sells drinks and food/ snacks should you need them
    • Halal food is available.
  • Restrooms are conveniently location at Marina South Pier, near departure gate on Level 1 or in the MRT Station near exit A.

We look forward to seeing you and having a great and safe day having fun with the drones!