What a joke! When you don’t know what you are selling and not even your supplier know either!


Genuine question on the new FPV camera from FPV Factory that’s about SGD$80 at Banggood.

“Do we have to go into the menu and choose TV/ AV Out > On every single time we turn off and turn on the camera or the camera will detect via the cable that there’s a cable for FPV out present and immediately sent the video to the transmitter? The SJ4000 has this irritating problem of having to select every single time and at times, the camera is mounted nicely already and the LCD screen is blocked.”

Final answer? We don’t know and supplier don’t know either.

And you dare to keep selling it? We’ve been buying from Banggood without much problem less the SJ4000 camera they sell that cannot be upgraded on firmware, the camera will stop working and now this. So buyers beware. If you run into problem, the reply could be, “we don’t know”.


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