Go Pro Selling drones next year end

2015 year end.

We have a feeling it’s going to be a disappointment.

There’s too many ready to fly and they are not innovative.GoPro could thought, they’re already making darn good action cameras and the RC community is already using these cameras to fly and already taking aerial shots with them not to mention crashing them.

We broke 2 within 6 months and now flies with mobius and SJ4000. We have 2 mobius and 3 variants of the SJ4000.

Maybe GoPro has something that has the gopro’s insides that’s modular so we can upgrade when the GoPro5 comes along? But anyhow, we know we’ll be disappointed.

We’re guessing:

– It will NOT be modular
– It will cost more than USD$500 even with transmitter
– You will be tied to a single manufacturer for repairs
– It will have some puny wifi FPV built in