2.5 Weeks

An old post but now published.

19 May 2014

It’s been around 2.5 weeks of non flying after crash03. The worse crash to date that broke the receiver module. Did manage to learn more about the receiver during these 2 weeks and tried out the FrSky and using traditional settings on the Naza.

Finally rebuilt and flying again. Here’s the flight without the gimbal and simply strapping the lipos to the legs.

Then the rebuild began.


Reused the legs after breaking it a few months ago. Ordered carbon fiber tubes, drilled 2 holes and replaced it. Used the DJI S800 rubber on these. Yes it adds weight but just look at it! It’s pretty! Will leave it on for now.




GPS/ Compass

To save cost, the Phantom came with a cheap looking compass that broke during crash03 and separated the compass that is installed on the landing gear. I replaced it with a single piece.




So what was Crash01 and 02? Let’s just say, it almost had me climbing trees.