3rd party hardware?!


Not too good DJI support. It flies great when it’s working but you’re seriously in trouble if you can’t figure out what’s wrong on your own. What non 3rd party hardware can I use to test if I were to have gotten only the Naza M V2?! Buy some DJI receiver and transmitter just to do testing?

That’ll be stupid.

23 May


Im so happy with my Phantom FC40, i got a Naza M V2 but it doesn’t seem to power up. There is powering going to it via a PMU v2. When i connect a receiver to it, there is power and I can bind with no problem but the LED module do not light up. No status, no light at all. I connected the LED module to a seperate Naza M Lite i have, it does light up.Connecting the X3 cable from the MLite and LED cable from MLite to LED port to the NazaMV2 do not show anything either. What could be wrong?

Wat i am using:

Naza M V2 (s/n provided)

PMU V2 (s/n provided)

LED Module (s/n provided)

FrSky D8R-XP


Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 20-30C Lipo




10 June 2014

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Hello 360,

Thank you for your email.

Are system indicates that you’re currently asking questions about 3rd party hardware. Please note that we do not offer support or setup instructions for 3rd party hardware due to liability issues. We regret the inconvenience however, due to the high cost of our crafts we cannot assist you this request and will have to recommend using Google, searching forums, or asking fellow hobbyist/pilots.


DJI Technology Management Team.


When it comes to problem, it seems, you’re seriously most of the time better off asking Google, forums like RCGroups or disassembling it and hope you see something loose then trial and error or even just put your hands together and praying than contacting them.

Our Naza M V2 in the end, simply had some loose connection within the FC. Knocking it on it’s side made the LED module worked again.