jDrones to Naza


Converted stuffs that are 2 years old from jDrones running Arduino to Naza.

The F330 ARF Kit/ Frame

Can’t seem to find much information about connecting power/ Lipo but guessed correctly and soldered both the bottom plate of the F330 as described in the manual below (Point 2 of VU).



Rest of the build…





















It’s a good one and I’ve seen how it perform on another fully built multicoptor but it’s just too much a hassle to get started and I ditched it halfway into it anyway.

Naza M Lite

Decided on the M Lite after good experience on the ease of the Phantom FC40’s Naza M V2 and figured won’t need any of the advanced functions.

Mounting the Naza, GPS

This is straight forward. Mounted the NAZA on bottom plate of the F330. However the FrSky D8R II Plus does not have enough space on bottom plate. It’s mounted on top and using the provided cables, connect to the Naza M Lite.


Plotting over

Plot over the WFT09 and the D8R II Plus, transmittor and receiver using “traditional” connection

Traditional Setup

4 channels for aileron, throttle etc etc top down Channel 1 to 4.

U Channel/ 3 Positions Switch

We use 3 Position Switch “B”. The WFLY WFT09 auxiliary channel MUST be on channel 7 and we must use AUX Channel if we want to use End Point settings to setup GPS, ATTI and Manual. When we immediately plug in the Naza and using Channel B, only ATTI works. Everything else goes to Failsafe.

All function can be plotted over including a 3 position switch for GPS, ATTI and Manual with Failsafe.

These are my settings, post any questions you may have as comments below. The WFLY manual for the WFT09 is as good as useless. This video was a big help and allow us to figure a lot of it out.

Program Mix

Our settings are below. Watch the YouTube video guide, you’ll understand what this is or simply, just punch in the same numbers.







Gimbal control was set to knob “VL”. Top left knob control.

Landing Gear and Camera Mount

Just used a simple velcro and attached the Mobius to it. Light and it works. Cheap landing gear from ebay below USD$9.00

IMG_20140429_203352 IMG_20140429_203358


Using a smaller FrSky D4R-II 2.4G receiver and maybe try mounting the Tarot T2D on it. The Phantom can handle the gimbal so this F330 shouldn’t be a problem. Also will install some LED for easier navigation when in the air to spot the multicoptor. Lastly, bigger capacity battery, tried the Turnigy 2650 and was good.

…and so

Our kit Arduino plotted over successfully. It was quite a breeze with the Naza. Hardware wise including those soldering is quite the easy part. Understanding the useless manual of the WFT09 was challenging but the Youtube video provided a lot of insight when he setup the Naza with a Futaba radio. It’s only a matter of finding the right corresponding function or feature on the WFT09.

We’ve decided not to setup the IOC for now but it’s possible with another 3 position switch that’s available on the WFT09. We however, broke ours some time ago and most of the time fly GPS or ATTI for now.

DJI has provided an easy to understand head start with the Phantom and simply opening up the Phantom and tinkering allows anyone to understand what each component are for and with some trial and errors, allow anyone to upgrade easily. We dont see ourselves flying the S800 or any of their bigger multicoptor anytime soon but now, we are confident, it is totally possible.

We decided to go the harder way to learn the hard way first and everything else after that will be easier. It also gives more satisfaction. Try it. You’ll learn a thing or two for sure.