FPV Smart Modes?

Is it imaginable where everyone can, with a tap of a few buttons and settings?

All argument of it being not real FPV flying aside, just not too long ago, soldering, selecting the right ESC to go with the right RPM motors were part and parcel of building a drone. DJI has disrupted the whole market making it easier and objectively safer than ever to fly a drone.

It has been easier to get the shots you want automatically. During commercial shoot, we have encountered Directors who do not care how you get the shots, they just envision the shots in their head and want us to “do it”. Smart modes were used sparsely but at times, it is one of the easiest to get repeated shots without having to pull our hair out.

Smart modes are easy to use one tap, set and go modes that are predefined flight paths and/ or gimbal movement(s) like the following:

Vision sensors already exists on a few drones. It can easily be used to measure the facade of the building distance to the drone, making sure the distance is enough for say…a vertical dive.

Or a power loop.

It can and will happen, waiting for innovations like these soon.

Commentary – Sony Airpeak

Sony is a company to be reckoned with. They can be the new market force someone is looking for to break the monopoly DJI has. Sony show off their Air Peak drone during CES 2021. It looks like an “enterprise” class one and we really hope to not brush it aside as simply oh no one will buy if the price is 10k and up. Need a Sony camera and how it fits into any current workflow or eco system?

If Sony is half hearted thinking like Gopro did with their Karma, yes they named it Karma back then. “We are already making great cameras”. Really small and light ones too mind you, back when GoPro tried their hands on drones. They even allowed you to take off the gimbal from the drone and use the whole gimbal as a handheld gimbal when not flying. Then slap your existing Sony cameras onto a drone and call it a day? We’ll be seeing Sony burning off millions then end their drone division. Just another tiny drop that didn’t cause much ripple in the giant sea.

If someone had just sat down in their board room, thinking that is the strategy. It won’t cause event a dent into DJI’s market share. They’ve got everything covered, consumer drones, prosumer and the professional market, agriculture, thermal, LIDAR inspection…and it won’t be long before they may easily start meddling with markets Sony is actually doing well. The consumer camera market perhaps. DJI are making cameras anyway. They are making gimbals with the likes of Osmo. “Partnering” Hasselblad no less. DJI has a board seat on Hasselblad.

Sony does have a track record of being daring. They had the AIBO, memory stick, minidisc… they failed but it did move innovation forward with these. They took a step back and relooked at the whole mirrorless, fullframe camera and see how they are leading the market now with established brands playing catch up now.

We hope to see more competition for sure. It drives prices down and force companies to innovate.

DJI in Singapore – give up already please.

There seem to be a new Repair Center in Singapore.

Saw this when i was about to send in the Smart Controller for the mavic 2 but I refuse to use ANY Singapore based repair center.

After so many past experiences with Singapore authorised centers. I’ll be damn stupid to keep falling for it. The DJI shop in Funan was asking me to get a brand new Mavic 2 controller when the side USB charging port was faulty. it was out of warranty so heck, I gave a 3rd party repair shop a try. It was $30.00. A brand new Mavic 2 controller was about $500 SGD when he told me to get a new one.

And yeah, I totally don’t believe any shit DJI Support tells me about my feedback that will be cascaded to the relevant department. Trust me, nothing is done.

Just get my case logged, let me send it back to Hong Kong and you just do your job of repairing it and STFU.




Are the Brits serious?


I think they’re punking the survey or something? If not we’ll be seeing a lot more accidents? I hope so…with less than 20% of drone owners knowing where they can and cannot fly a drone.

Aerial 3D Mapping

Our goto 3D Aerial mapping died in Oct 2020. So, what do you use then? All embedded 3D aerial maps in our past article have also gone dead with their site going down. We were just wondering if they were brought into DJI and is now the DJI Terra….anyway…

We went back on DroneDeploy and tested a new one, MapsMadeEasy. Here’s what we found. We tried a couple of local installable one too so you are not being slaved to any of these cloud-based service. If they abruptly closed down, you’re left high and dry with all models lost.


We used a 14 day trial license and test out 2 missions.

  • The compare function is awesome
  • Hosting provided
  • High price

DroneDeploy Comparison Tool


The same images taken using the DD app was fed into the MapsMadeEasy cloud engine.

Generation of the model isn’t as good or accurate but it could be that there were lesser images allowed.

Agisoft MetaShape

  • Fairly Priced
  • PDF 3D model export is useful for clients who has minimal knowledge on photogrammetry

There are a lot more options out there but from entry to market to professional views with hosting to local ones that do not tie you to any cloud based application AND do not cost you the cost of a few drones, we hope the above covered them all.

Self hosted allows more control but of course, will need some technical setup. See this  and this for the above self hosted.

If you’re interested, you can find a list of more.

  • Pix4D Mapper photogrammetry
  • AutoDesk ReCap photogrammetry
  • SimActive Correlator3D™ software
  • Maps Made Easy orthophoto and 3D models
  • 3DF Zephyr photogrammetry software
  • PrecisionHawk 3D map software
  • Open Drone Map photogrammetry
  • ESRI Drone2Map for ArcGIS
  • OpenDroneMap

Update: Oct 2020 on drone flying laws in Singapore

EDIT: They changed the name slightly again on 22 Oct 2020, it is now UABTC and not UABT any more but we can’t be bothered to edit the whole post.

There has been some small but important updates.

By Feb 2021, all existing commercial drone operators in Singapore must have the new UAPL – unmanned aerial pilot license. This is a add on to the existing UOP permit. You must still maintain your UOP. yeah, nothing is stopping them to come out with anything new in 2021, 2022 or whatever with UAPL 2.0 and creating something from thin air to add on to the UOP that will make you pay more ON TOP of the UOP you would have already been holding.

Recreational flyers who stick to the law of not flying above 200 feet, has a drone that is less than 1.5kg and do not fly 5km near any aerodomes are ok. Flying the Mavic air, mavic mini, Phantom 3, Phantom 4 are all ok. You just need to register your drone and have a CAAS sticker affixed.

Recreational flyers who fly bigger drones like the Inspire 1/ 2 will need to take the UABT. unmanned aerial basic test.

If you are flying anything above 7kg like the DJI M600 you must have the new UAPL and depending on your activity, you may require the Class 1 or Class 2 activity permit as well.