Naze32 for the Besthobbymall’s Nighthawk250 is awesome.


After. #hobbyking #afroflight #naze32 #acro #abusemark #funfly hahaha long product name.

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The Nighthawk 250 has another change and it’s to Naze32 this time. We picked up the Naze32 from Hobbyking. Bluetooth What you must buy, repeat MUST, when you get the Naze32 is the Bluetooth module and while at it, pick up a buzzer too, we reuse the one from our KK2 board. Once flying stable on default PID, all you need to do is change the rate for roll, pitch and yaw. Here’s ours, change from 0 to 0.50 then finally to 0.8 and you’ll be flipping with great fun without loose altitude. Screenshot_2015-04-14-21-46-25 Android Apps

The above is EZ Gui Ground Station. Pay for it, trust us. It’s great. The first one we tried was the Naze32/ MultiWII Configurator but it can’t read (as of 15 Apr) AUX 2 that we setup for Autotune.


Added to the Nighthawk 250 build post.

Aliencopter’s doing it too


Aliencopter getting into the DSLR hand held gimbal game.

Don’t bother about their website. It’s half baked or not baked…actually. The listed 430mm at Hobbyking and their site lists the same frame as a 450mm and price is $0.00. It’s confusing to say the least and RCTimer has another one too that folds slightly different with many informing that it’s a clone but it sure folders nicer. The frustration continues too with RCTimer blocking traffic thus why we refuses to purchase anything from them or even when alternatives that do sell their products.