Antennas – Dont be Sally.

Have you wonder why at times, your DJI drone just dont fly as far as your friend’s? You get video interferences when you friend’s Mavic Pro just flys perfectly ok? On the same day, at the same location?

Are you setting up your antennas on the DJI Mavic or for the matter any DJI drones crossed or facing on another?

Check out Sally. She’s the drone girl who loves taking pictures, pictures of her flying a drone that is.

Then this…

ok, photo op or not, taking pics of you enjoying flying has to be realistic. See all her antennas “placement”. It’s a simple rule of folding them and have it face the drone. You’ll get far (pun) better range.

Dont take our word for it. Download any DJI manual, you’ll see this section.

So the next time you setup your antenna, do that both standing setup. Not cross, not have it parallel to the ground (unless you’re flying directly overhead all the time) and remember, dont be like Sally.

Toy shops selling drones


Recently we were on flying assignment that requires us to move around a few locations. At a location we met a fellow drone flyer at a field. He was flying a Syma he said to have got it from a toy shop. His first drone, he proclaim. Then he went on to complain about how lousy it flies then he flew it and showed us. It scare the shit out of us. There is basically no control and it ascend on its own when he had it on the throttle at middle position. He held it out and showed us. It kept going up then it crashed after hitting a tree. Thank the gods there wasn’t any children at the playground of this hot afternoon.

Toy shops not knowing what these are must not be trying to make a profit and sell these drones. We visited the said shop and there are a lot of models. Traditional toy shops know nothing about drones, it’s care, repair and most importantly how to operate it safely. It’s not like the trucks and cranes or dolls and action figures they’re selling. These don’t crash or drop out from the sky and hurt or worse, one day, may have someone, a child no less, lost an eye ball a finger or… get killed.

He ended his day after we let him tried out the Phantom 4 after some explanation why it is dangerous, how it is dangerous and how to have fun, real proper fun with the Phantom 4. He was real happy and say he’s getting a “DJ”. Yes, that’s what it’s known to him, a dji Phantom to him. We told him in the meantime to look at renting it from us and left him out contact and website address. He’ll be back, we’re sure of it and we look forward to have him enjoy one with some shots of him and his kids and wife having a good time, safely.

We broke the Xugong Pro V2

Update: 18 Dec 2015

The top and bottom plates from Red20RC are great! We order 2 sets, one with 2mm thickness and another with 1.5mm. The original ones are 1.5mm. Red20RC provides good quality carbon fiber.

Along with this build, there was a Hobbyking sale and the gimbal is frame were on offer. We got another set and love the gimbal.

ImmersionRC XuGong V2 Pro Quadcopter Kit With Integrated Printed Distribution Board 1   US$118.96 IN STOCK
Immersion RC XuGong V2 Pro 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal Upgrade 1   US$109.96 IN STOCK

Thus, born, the Twins!


Updated: 7 Aug 2015

So it’s been 4 months since we crashed the Xugong V2. Replacement parts are finnaly up at GetFPV and ReadymadeRC with real stock on hand but not the PDB or the carbon fiber frame. Frustrating…

Some replacement we got:

Yep, we broke even the round red “washer” installed on the folding arms.


No more Red. Replacement parts for the longer screw is now black. We checked with some others on Instagram who just got their Xugong V2, out of the box, theirs are now black.



Arm replacement and center spider assembly

We knocked this back but wasn’t as nice looking ever again, replacement arm.



Frame Damages

DSC01077 DSC01079

Finally some spares that we know will need.


April 2015

We crashed while flying near the Cleantech Park. Warning, dont use the spring retainer for Xugong V1 on your Xugong V2. The arm will sweep back if there’s wind.

We broke the same PDB at the exact same location.




Even with the retainers installed, the whole PDB got ripped out and the Video TX port was broken off.

Our first stop was ReadyMadeRC who got back to us really quickly, they however, understandably couldn’t offer repairs.

Then we went around and checked out Digikey, there’s so many components, it gave us a headache.

Then we wrote to ImmersionRC who got back to us quickly to get this replaced at a fee, since many retailers have yet to have the parts, we hope not to disclose the prices. Do wait for your favourite retailers to have the replacement parts.

We’re pretty sure it’s a simple repair but looks like the “legs” are broken off from the whole circuit board that’s the whole integrated PCB, video switcher, ezOSD all built into it. The board still beeps when it’s powered up meaning it’s sure to be working fine. So we took the road less traveled AFTER paying and getting the replacement PDB from ImmersionRC.

Commonwealth Drive

The place where only recently, a uncle got charge for chopping another uncle cos he hears his “voices” in his head. It’s also the place that is being closed down and is a great place to do some urban shots of these flats. People have generally moved out but mind the cars owners who are enjoying some free parking there. Once people figure out what we were doing, some curious joggers came by to say hello.