ImmersionRC – Vortex

We’re liking the direction change ESC a lot!

– You can tell the ESC you want the motors to be clockwise or counter clockwise just by spinning it, beep and spin it in the direction you want. Done. It now spins in the direction you want.

– Built into the arms for clean look, the bad if of course, you may only be able to get parts from ImmersionRC.

– Will like the arms to fold inwards for all 4 arms to the sides of the frame and not like Alien style fold where all arms goes back in one direction. Into the frame kind of fold will allow the whole quad to be smaller when folded.

– The mobius/ Gopro anti vibration/ jello mount looks really nice.



Public Annoucement – SJ4000 from Banggood is screw up


If you got this SKU120425. DO NOT UPDATE the firmware. If you did, download from this guy from this reply and remember to post a thank you.

You’ll get a black screen when turned on and the camera can’t be used. A whole discussion on how screw up the version of these cameras are, are here. I read V1 is newer than V2 somewhere. Where in this Universe is V2 newer than a V1 in anything? Only SJCam.

That’s like WTF! We don’t expect GoPro standard but not firmware screws up. How hard can that be?! Only they know and they seem to know that it’s real hard to be able to screw this up.

It’s either screw ups at SJCam sending old stock to retailers or retailer having keep the stock for so long, now running promotion and getting these cameras out and flooding the market with old cameras. SJCam should and MUST do a recall and stop these cameras from being circulated. Please. That’s the common sense thing to do.

Rant: GoPro 4 can’t do interval video record but a $100 camera can


We’ve long wanted this and the SJ4000 can do a 5 min video without intervention and keep recording 5 mins video till you need to land and press the stop video. The closest thing the GoPro can do is “Looping” however, if you do not land and press the stop button and start another recording, the camera will start overwriting the first 5 mins that you have recorded. We did not land as there might be something nice and we’re still flying around!

Solution? You record non stop on a GoPro….then you have a super large file to process. Dumb.

We think the new M10 and the upcoming SJ5000 can do what the SJ4000 can too. Comments?

GoPro manuals here.

Build: ImmersionRC Xugong8


We like the Xugong 10 so much, we bought the 8 shortly after and it’s as awesome. Waiting for the Xugong Pro v2 to launch and making one more purchase. The Xugong seem is all we need to pack, go and fly. It’s small and the Xugong8 is even more impressive.


Purchased the “crash kit” and extra rubber balls and the red ones that’s suppose to be harder.DSC08998

Same eggshell type tray in the box.DSC08999 DSC09000 DSC09001 DSC09002

ESC power cables shorten.DSC09003 DSC09004

Size compared as seen on our Instagram account previously.DSC09005 DSC09006  DSC09008

Going with a DJI Naza M Lite v2 first, would like to have the Naza M V2 from the Aliencopter soon after we tear that down.DSC09009 DSC09011 DSC09012 DSC09013 DSC09014 DSC09015  DSC09017

Compared folded…DSC09019

…and ready to fly  DSC09021

Gotta change that blue GPS folding mount to a red one!DSC09022

We really like the size but the space within the Xugong8 is like the Xugong10, it’s oddly hard to balance the whole quad. We always like the Naza to sit right in the center with proper Center of Gravity (CG) with front and back balanced. To achieve that, the lipo has to be mounted below the whole quad meaning the Xugong has to be modded to be taller. We hope to keep it at this size.

First Flight

We’ll be able to move the electronics like the LED module, PMU and Frsky D4R II receiver into the current lipo compartment too if we move the lipo to the bottom.

You can add a gimbal to the front to add weight to it and try to balance it. We flew it with Emax 2213 935kv motors, 8 inch propellers, a gopro3 black in the underwater housing and it lasted about 10.5 mins on a Turnigy 3S 20-30C 2650mah lipo.

Conclude, you can’t find a better travel quad as of Jan 2015. The arms folding mechanism is simply well thought through and is genius! It unpacks, unfold the arms in seconds and ready to fly. No screws and nuts to fiddle with or to tighten before you can fly like the Aliencopter 430mm we have! It makes it a pain when we tried flying the Aliencopter at St John’s Island/ Kusu Island we simply stop disassembling it and hung it outside the bag. It’s sure to raise questions and unwanted attention at certain areas to fly.

The 8 inch version of the Xugong is really small for it’s class, when folded (and we’ve looked at what is available and tried just about all of them backwards folding, fold inwards etc etc) and we see ourselves travelling with it overseas even.


Our Xugong 10 build
Xugong Pro V2 build
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