Build: Whitesheep

May 2015 – JiyiUAV P2

The Whitesheep was revamped and used for the P2 article. JiyiUAV was very kind to send us a review unit. Article here, here and here (Flitetest).


Nope, you didn’t see the name wrong. It’s the WhiteSheep.

DSC05696 DSC05697 DSC05699 DSC05700 DSC05701 DSC05703 DSC05704 DSC05705 DSC05706 DSC05707 DSC05708 DSC05710 DSC05711

Very soon, we found the contacts were not that great or could be the bad soldering skills. We swop over to the Hobbyking PDB.

DSC05715 DSC05716 DSC05717 DSC05718 DSC05719 DSC05720

After some successful flights, added the carbon fiber tube to lift the Tarot gimbal.

DSC05732 DSC05734

Then the conversion to multistar 2814 motors for even heavier lifting.

DSC05738 DSC06125 DSC06133

Added some LEDs


5 Replies to “Build: Whitesheep”

  1. Hi, am looking at the Whitesheep frame myself, interested to know more about how you mounted the gimbal. Where did you get the carbon tubes from and what was the mount attached to the end with the gimbal? Interesting build! Thanks, George

      1. Hi, yeah I found those after posting, looks like a good solution with the camera out front like that, must give a great field of view without props visible. Do you have any problems with jello?

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