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Today, when you say building something, it usually do not involve much materials like wood, acrylic or aluminum. Neither does it involve tools like drills or soldering irons. It usually involves only coding, on a computer. A website, a software, an app, as many would say and why not. Looking at what the world’s millionaires and billionaires made their fortune. They coded. Made Facebook and the likes, sold it and became crazy rich.

The joys of sawing and filing, drilling and milling, welding and hammering, were for a while lost in us. Until multicoptors came into out lives again.

It was awesome.

People gathered in forums, website and blogs about their built. Mixing and matching the electronics with plain old hands-on. Twisting metals, joining electronics and having lots of fun. Far from our live of pneumatics and hydraulics back in the day. One of us even though he’ll do pneumatics when he graduated.



Doubtful it’s a police drone. A group of sports fan took down a drone that looks like a DJI Phantom2

1. Dumb if it’s LAPD and has no markings

2. Pilot of drone not looking at whatever that is happening? You are under attack and you keep hovering around. Dumb. Dumber.

Read about it.



2.5 Weeks

An old post but now published.

19 May 2014

It’s been around 2.5 weeks of non flying after crash03. The worse crash to date that broke the receiver module. Did manage to learn more about the receiver during these 2 weeks and tried out the FrSky and using traditional settings on the Naza.

Finally rebuilt and flying again. Here’s the flight without the gimbal and simply strapping the lipos to the legs.

Then the rebuild began.


Reused the legs after breaking it a few months ago. Ordered carbon fiber tubes, drilled 2 holes and replaced it. Used the DJI S800 rubber on these. Yes it adds weight but just look at it! It’s pretty! Will leave it on for now.




GPS/ Compass

To save cost, the Phantom came with a cheap looking compass that broke during crash03 and separated the compass that is installed on the landing gear. I replaced it with a single piece.




So what was Crash01 and 02? Let’s just say, it almost had me climbing trees.





DJI Phantom to F550 Build

20 April 2014

At last, we’ve officially outgrown the Phantom. Built a F330, went looking for a F450, no stock and got a F550 instead.

Plotting over the Phantom’s Naza M V2 only requires getting the LED module and PMU. We’ve already replaced the GPS and Compass all in one module since a few crashes ago. The LED is USD $15.80 and PMU is around USD $66.50 on Ebay.

Thus, from Phantom to Naza M V2, GPS/Compass was USD $159.00 adding the LED and PMU = USD $241.30

It’s roughly the same as getting the boxed unit of the Naza M V2 which is around USD $300.00

After building the F330, the F550 will be familiar. There are already a lot of build videos on YouTube so we’ll only be posting pics.

DSC03196 DSC03194 DSC03195 DSC03203 DSC03198 DSC03199 DSC03200 DSC03201 DSC03239 DSC03242 DSC03312 DSC03286 DSC03291 DSC03292 DSC03294 DSC03297 DSC03301 DSC03302


As we waited for the LED module, we had no way to configure the NazaMv2 for the F550 but we tried sticking it into the Naza M Lite we used for the F330 build and it works just as well.

Landing Gear

We plotted over the landing gear for a foldable quad that we got as spare.

Hobbyking Alien 560 Build

Took one of the longest time to build this up.

Decided to have the whole 12mm carbon fiber tube from eBay run through the whole base of the frame with extra tube holders from Tarot. It will allow us to shift the battery around if we need to counter balance anything. Add more tray for FPV gear or even more batteries.



Double sided tape on the LED module of the Naza M V2 as it’s so bright, it gets kinda irritating when we’re just configuring it.



Braided ESC esc cables from the 4in1 QBrain and the under side.


3rd party hardware?!


Not too good DJI support. It flies great when it’s working but you’re seriously in trouble if you can’t figure out what’s wrong on your own. What non 3rd party hardware can I use to test if I were to have gotten only the Naza M V2?! Buy some DJI receiver and transmitter just to do testing?

That’ll be stupid.

23 May


Im so happy with my Phantom FC40, i got a Naza M V2 but it doesn’t seem to power up. There is powering going to it via a PMU v2. When i connect a receiver to it, there is power and I can bind with no problem but the LED module do not light up. No status, no light at all. I connected the LED module to a seperate Naza M Lite i have, it does light up.Connecting the X3 cable from the MLite and LED cable from MLite to LED port to the NazaMV2 do not show anything either. What could be wrong?

Wat i am using:

Naza M V2 (s/n provided)

PMU V2 (s/n provided)

LED Module (s/n provided)

FrSky D8R-XP


Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 20-30C Lipo




10 June 2014

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Hello 360,

Thank you for your email.

Are system indicates that you’re currently asking questions about 3rd party hardware. Please note that we do not offer support or setup instructions for 3rd party hardware due to liability issues. We regret the inconvenience however, due to the high cost of our crafts we cannot assist you this request and will have to recommend using Google, searching forums, or asking fellow hobbyist/pilots.


DJI Technology Management Team.


When it comes to problem, it seems, you’re seriously most of the time better off asking Google, forums like RCGroups or disassembling it and hope you see something loose then trial and error or even just put your hands together and praying than contacting them.

Our Naza M V2 in the end, simply had some loose connection within the FC. Knocking it on it’s side made the LED module worked again.